Urvashi Rautela became a victim of Oops moment for looking beautiful, trolls said – Torn stockings…

Urvashi Rautela Oops Moments: Urvashi Rautela has been spotted at the Mumbai airport. On this occasion, she was wearing a Thai high one piece dress in red colour. At the same time, he was also wearing black color stocking. However, here she became a victim of wardrobe malfunction. One of his stockings was torn. As soon as the eyes of the fans went to his torn stocking. Everyone started trolling him.Urvashi Rautela

Urvashi Rautela has been targeted by many people who commented on fashion. At the same time, many people have also made fun of him. A troller has written, ‘Do these people also not change even after the stock burst?’ One has written, ‘Like Bollywood career, stocking has also exploded.’ One has said, ‘When you realize after wearing torn stockings, you will say that this is the new trend.’ At the same time, one has written, ‘There is no money even for a stocking.’ One wrote, ‘Torn stockings are now trending fashion. What would you say torn stockings, what should I do if I die.’

Urvashi Rautela is in media news regarding Rishabh Pant
Urvashi Rautela is in media news these days regarding Rishabh Pant. Actually Rishabh Pant had an accident in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. Since then Urvashi Rautela has made many comments without naming Rishabh Pant. Recently, he shared a picture of a hospital, in which Rishabh Pant was undergoing treatment. After this, he started being trolled fiercely on social media. People also accused him of stockpiling.

There has also been a spat between Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant.
There has also been a spat between Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant. Both are going to be seen in many films soon.

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