Urfi Javed: Urfi is not getting a house in Mumbai, because of this honors are refusing to give him a house

Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed, who surprised everyone with her fashion, is now again in a new trouble. Sharing her problems with her fans through her Twitter account, Urfi told how she is finding it difficult to find a house. Some Honor is not ready to give him a house due to his dressing sense, while some are not giving him a house because of his daily controversies. Now upset, Bigg Boss OTT contestant Urfi has shared her problems with fans on her social media account.urfi javed

Muslim honors are not giving houses because of Urfi’s dressing sense
Urfi tweeted that Muslim honors are not ready to give him a house because of his dressing sense. While the Hindu Honors are not giving him a house because he is a Muslim, some Honors do not want to give him a house because of the political threats he receives on the day.

It was difficult to find a house due to clothes
Urfi remains in discussions regarding her clothes. In such a situation, for Urfi, who is looking for a house on rent, her clothes have become a problem and it is becoming very difficult for her to find a house in Mumbai.urfi javed

Fans expressed concern
On this tweet of Urfi, his fans are also expressing concern. Some are calling this attitude of Honors wrong, while some are talking about helping them find a new home. A fan of Urfi commented on his tweet, ‘This is very wrong’. While another user wrote, ‘I feel bad for you’. Another user even told Urfi to shift to Pune.

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