Sonu Sood: The name of ‘real hero’ Sonu Sood, the message of army soldiers from the top of the Himalayas

Sonu Sood is a good actor as well as a great human being. Over the years, he has created a special place in the hearts of people with his generosity. The help done by him during the Corona period had grabbed international headlines. Whose impression is still visible in the public mind. People of every generation, from young to old, are crazy about him.Sonu Sood

Army personnel are also included in this long list of Sonu’s fans. Recently, some army personnel paid their respects to the actor by releasing a photo from the snowy peak on the outskirts. In this photo taken on the top of a snowy mountain, some army soldiers are standing and ‘Real Hero Sonu Sood’ is written on the snow. Let us tell you that this is not the first time when army personnel have shown respect towards the actor. The craze of army soldiers towards the actor is palpable.Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood shared this photo with his Insta handle. While sharing the photo, Sonu wrote the caption- ‘Somewhere in the Himalayas, these pictures have made up my mind. Humble, my inspiration, Indian Army. In fact, this special tribute given to him by the soldiers of the Indian Army has touched the actor’s heart.


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This post of Sonu is being liked a lot on social media. Sonu’s fans are commenting fiercely on this post. Commenting on this, a fan of the actor wrote, ‘Actually Sonu Sood you are the real hero’. While commenting, another fan wrote that ‘it is not necessary to serve people by going into politics, there are people like Sonu Sood’.

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