Kangana back on Twitter: Kangana returned to Twitter, shared this post with fans in the first tweet after the ban

Kangana back on Twitter: Kangana Ranaut has returned to Twitter after 2 years. The actress has announced the release date of her film Emergency as soon as her Twitter account becomes active. Along with this, the team of the actress has given information about this by posting on Twitter. In 2020,Kangana Ranaut Twitter account was suspended forever due to controversial statements. However, now the actress has again become active on Twitter.Kangana Ranaut

Happiness in Kangana Ranaut fans
After the account was activated, Kangana celebrated this happiness with her fans. In the first post, he wrote, ‘Hello everyone, it feels great to be back here.’ After this, Kangana announced the release date of the film ‘Emergency’ and also shared a background video related to the making of this film.Kangana Ranaut

The happiness of Kangana’s return to Twitter is also visible in her fans. His fans are congratulating him on this post of his.Kangana Ranaut

Was suspended forever for repeatedly violating Twitter’s rules
In May 2021, Twitter suspended Kangana’s Twitter account for repeatedly violating the rules. A Twitter spokesperson had said on this, ‘We are clear that we will take strong action on behavior that is likely to cause harm online. This account has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules, we apply the Twitter Rules judiciously and fairly to everyone on our service.’Kangana Ranaut

However later, after Tesla CEO Elon Musk came on Twitter, Kangana’s fans requested Elon Musk to activate her account back on Twitter.

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