Government should tell why Indians are giving up their citizenship in large numbers in the era of Amritkal: Congress

Amritkal:Questioning the government over the ever-increasing number of Indians giving up their citizenship in the last few years during the golden age of the country’s independence, the Congress has asked what is the reason that high-income group people are leaving the country and settling abroad. Huh. According to the party, the highest number of people giving up citizenship in the 10 months from January to October 2022 alone is indicating a worrying pattern.

Congress spokesperson Gaurav Ballabh told
Congress spokesperson Gaurav Ballabh while holding a press conference on this issue said that in the last 8 years the average number of Indians giving up their citizenship has increased 1.7 times per day and the statistics of Ministry of External Affairs show that more than 600 Indians are giving up their citizenship every day. The most worrying aspect of this is that most of the people giving up citizenship are high-net-worth individuals. He said this is bound to happen in the wake of stagnant economy, rise in poverty and continuous decline in India’s global ranking on parameters such as Hunger Index and Press Freedom Index.

Unemployment rate at 7-8 percent continuously during 2022:

Congress spokesperson The Congress spokesperson said that according to the CMIE, the unemployment rate during 2022 has been consistently between seven-eight per cent, which is very high. While the economy is still not back on track due to the aftershocks of demonetisation and the flawed implementation of GST. The rate of GDP decreased from 8.3 percent in the year 2017 to 3.7 percent in 2020. The GDP growth rate has also not reached a satisfactory level and during this period the number of people going below the poverty line in India has increased rapidly. India ranks 107 out of 121 countries on the Global Hunger Index, down from 101 last year.

India one of the most dangerous countries in the world
The World Press Freedom Index in its 2022 report has ranked India at 150th position out of 180 countries, describing India as one of the world’s most dangerous countries for the media. Ballabh said that in view of these circumstances, the exodus of people from the higher income group abroad cannot be considered unnatural and therefore our question to the government is that why so many people are giving up their citizenship on a daily basis and wish for good days for Indians. When will you come to India?

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