‘Babita’ of Baba ‘Nirala’ became uncontrollable, showed glamor in transparent clothes and said to the netizens – Japnaam

Actress Tridha Chowdhary, who plays the character of ‘Babita’ in Bollywood actor Bobby Deol’s popular web series ‘Ashram’, is once again in news for her bold revealing outfit. Recently, the actress shared some of her very beautiful pictures on Instagram, which fans are very happy to see. Let’s take a look at the viral pictures of ‘Babita’ of ‘Baba Nirala’…Tridha Chowdhary

Bengali Bala Tridha Chowdhary is now counted among the fearless actresses of B-Town. Along with acting, he is famous for his charming style. She is a very famous actress in the world of OTT.Tridha Chowdhary

Please tell that as much as Tridha Chowdhary remains busy in her films, web series, music videos and TV shows. Equally, now she remains very active on social media.Tridha Chowdhary

Meanwhile, Haseena has shared a reel video of her new pictures on her Instagram. She is looking beautiful in this.Tridha Chowdhary

In this reel video surfaced, Tridha Chowdhary is seen in black transparent clothes.Tridha Chowdhary

In the photo, she has completed her look by wearing brown high boots on her feet, black goggles on her eyes and leaving her hair open.Tridha Chowdhary

Her style is being seen in these pictures. Fans are liking her pictures and commenting tremendously on her posts. Many fans are commenting by writing the fame dialogue ‘Japnaam Japnaam’ of his ‘Ashram’ web series. Along with this, some people are comparing her look with her special character Babita.Tridha Chowdhary

Remind you that Tridha Chowdhary earned a lot of name in the year 2020 from Prakash Jha’s web series ‘Ashram’. The audience was impressed by his tremendous performance on the OTT platform. (Photo courtesy Instagram @tridhac)Tridha Chowdhary

There were discussions of Tridha everywhere. She played the character of Babita in this web show and also did very bold and intimate scenes with actor Bobby Deol. Alam ye tha after watching ‘Ashram’, the audience started searching him a lot on Google and were eager to know about him in more details. In those days there was a lot of discussion about ‘Babita Bhabhi’. Let us tell you that in ‘Ashram-2’, Tridha once again won accolades by giving an intimate scene.Tridha Chowdhary

Let us tell you that even though people liked the intimate scene of Bobby Deol and Tridha Chowdhary on the screen, but it was very difficult for the actress to film this scene. In an interview, Tridha had told that she had practiced a lot to shoot this special scene. He took the support of pillows for practice. Later, when this scene appeared on the screen, people were stunned to see it because Tridha had shot it in a very spectacular way. For Tridha, this scene and web series proved to be a milestone for her acting career and after that her demand also started increasing.

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